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Celebrating 25 Years   1986-2011

Dedicated to the memory of János Sándor
in gratitude for 15 years of musical mentorship

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GVYO Member Positions

Players Committee

Elected each year by the players, this committee consists of representatives of each of the major sections of the orchestra (violins, lower strings, woodwinds, brass). The committee meets monthly with the manager to communicate player concerns to the board and conductor, and to receive information about board decisions and activities.


Whenever possible an orchestra member will assume the task of librarian for the orchestra and will receive a monthly honorarium for this job. The librarian is responsible for cataloguing, marking, distribution and collection of scores and parts for the music the orchestra plays, as well as looking after its condition, and replacing lost or damaged parts. Most of the music we play is owned by the GVYO, while some is rented or borrowed from other orchestras. The orchestra also lends music to a number of musical organizations around the island.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager is responsible for organizing the set-up and take-down of the orchestra, before and after all rehearsals and performances.

Student Opportunities for Administrative Support

The Youth Orchestra engages GVYO members as requiring C.A.P.P. credit for Grade 12 as Student Assistants, to teach them the skills involved in orchestra administration.