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Season 33

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New and returning players must audition each year.

Auditions for the 2019-2020 season will be held by appointment April 15 – 17, 2019 and May 24 – 27, 2019.

For information & audition packages, contact the office 250-360-1121 or

Admission to the orchestra is by in-person audition - only rarely will a candidate be allowed to submit an audition tape. All players, both new and returning, must audition annually.

Upon receipt of an Audition Package, all qualified applicants will be invited to audition.
"Qualified" means:

  • you are currently having lessons on your instrument, and your teacher has signed your application form giving his/her approval of your intention to audition.
  • you are playing at a suggested "minimum standard" of proficiency, which is considered to be Royal Conservatory of Music Grade VIII or equivalent for your instrument.

You are requested to apply for an audition only with the intention of accepting membership in the orchestra, if it is offered.

The audition will consist of:

  • a specified set of excerpts from the orchestral repertoire for your instrument.
  • a solo piece of your choice, for example: a standard concerto or similar work for your instrument. An accompanist is not required.
  • for string players: a specified scale is included in the excerpts, to be played as written.

The orchestra will notify you about the date, place, and time of your audition.

If you are unable to attend your audition you must promptly notify the orchestra management at 250-360-1121.

The following general areas of musicianship will give you an indication of what the auditioning committee will be listening for:

  • accurate pitches, rhythm, and tempo
  • secure intonation
  • an appropriate style of performance for the music being played
  • good tone quality
  • a wide range of dynamics
  • clear, understandable phrasing

You will be notified by email, mail or phone about the auditioning committee's decision. On all questions regarding a student's application and audition, the GVYO follows the policy of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada Association in dealing "directly with the student. Unless unusual circumstances exist, enquiries by parents, guardians or teachers are not encouraged if the student is able to act on his/her own behalf. All enquiries made directly by the students will be dealt with openly and in a straight-forward manner."

Audition Fees: First time Applicants $20.00